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"I am really glad that my son goes to Better Learning Communities Academy because he get the attention he needs. The staff is really warm and understanding, which makes it easier for me to talk to them so I can know what is going on with my child and his school."

- Ashley Butler, BLCA parent

About Us

The BLCA story

Founded in 2011, Better Learning Communities Academy (BLCA), is a tuition-free charter school in St. Louis, Missouri. Located in the Hyde Park neighborhood on the city’s north side, our school serves students by employing a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes academic excellence and character development.

BLCA currently serves more than 100 students from kindergarten through third grade. In the coming years, we will gradually expand our programming to serve students through eighth grade.

As a publicly funded charter school, BLCA is open to students throughout the City of St. Louis, but our primary focus is to serve students and families in and around the Hyde Park community. Better Learning Communities Academy’s classrooms are housed in the neighborhood’s historic Bethlehem Lutheran Church on Salisbury Street.

BLCA was formed as an extension of the work done by Better Living Communities, a nonprofit group that has built hundreds of homes in the Hyde Park neighborhood for low- and moderate-income families. Just as the leadership at Better Living Communities believes that all families deserve access to quality housing, our team at Better Learning Communities Academy believes everyone should have access to a quality education.

Educators at BLCA recognize and celebrate the unique needs and learning styles of every student. In order to better meet those needs, we develop Individual Learning Plans (ILP) for every child, and our teachers employ differentiated instruction to better serve students of every achievement level. BLCA sets high expectations for all students, and we actively promote a positive school culture.

At BLCA, we believe that family involvement is crucial to the success of students, so we work continuously to engage and interact with the parents and guardians of the students we serve.

Our team of educators believes in the importance of using high-quality data to drive our decision-making in every area of operation, from curriculum to budgeting. We also believe that “life-long learning” is not just a goal for our students but for our staff, as well. To that end, our teachers regularly participate in a wide range of professional development activities designed to improve instruction.

At BLCA, we believe that education has the power not just to transform a life, but to change the world. To learn more about Better Learning Communities Academy, visit us online at or call (314) 436-2603.

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